In an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, all colloquia for the Spring 2021 semester will be held virtually via Zoom. We have also partnered with INSTAAR, Geology, and Geography to convene the Joint Earth Seminar Series (JESS) throughout the academic year. JESS seminars will be held over Zoom on a monthly basis and will rotate among the aforementioned departments.

About the ATOC Colloquium

The Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Colloquium will be held approximately every other Friday from 11:00 AM–Noon. Come early for coffee starting at 10:45 AM, and stay after for discussions during a virtual lunch.

Colloquia will alternate between the following two formats:

A. Full-length talk by a faculty member or invited speaker

B. Three conference-length talks by graduate students or post-docs

If you would like to nominate a speaker (including yourself), please email the Chair of the ATOC Colloquium Committee, Prof. Andrew Winters.

Upcoming Schedule

Spring 2021

***Note that the times and dates of JESS seminars vary from the standard schedule for ATOC colloquia.***

Date Format Room Speaker(s) Title & Abstract Zoom Info



*1pm MT*

JESS –ATOC Zoom Solomon Bililign (NCAT)

Optical Properties and Emission Factors of Biomass Burning Aerosols from Sub-Saharan Africa Biomass Fuels

Recording: link  

Passcode: &Bsgb6Q+



12pm MT

JESS – GEOG Zoom Reza Khatami (U. Florida) Characterizing Land Cover and Vegetation Dynamics using Earth Observation Systems

Recording: link 




11am MT

A Zoom Sara Sanchez (ATOC) Reconstructing the ENSO Response to the Mystery and Tambora Eruptions with Coral Based Data Assimilation

Recording: Link  

Passcode: aq#.1Mc?



11am MT

A Zoom

Gerald Meehl (NCAR)

Initialized Earth System Prediction from Subseasonal to Decadal Timescales

Recording: Link 

Passcode: ^t6BG=KG



12pm MT

JESS – INSTAAR Zoom Aisha Morris (NSF) Creating a Culture of Inclusion for Building a Strong Geoscience Community

Canceled due to Snow Day



11am MT

B Zoom ATOC Student "Poster" Conference Program

Recording: Link

Passcode: MSm6$&xA



11am MT

A Zoom

Nicole Schlegel (JPL)

Models and Data: A Critical Relationship for Constraining Uncertainty in Ice-Sheet Model Projections

Recording: Link

Passcode: G@6xicrQ



4pm MT

JESS – GEOL Zoom Paula Welander (Stanford) Synthesis of Sponge Sterol Lipid Fossils: Who Makes What and Why Does it Matter?

Zoom: https://cuboulder.zoom.us/j/7420931141

Passcode: geotalk



Past colloquia

Fall 2020

Date Format Room Speaker(s) Title & Abstract Zoom Info



11am MT

JESS –ATOC Zoom Curtis Walker (NCAR) Surface Transportation Meteorology: Weather Decision Support


Meeting ID: 967 8122 9960

Passcode: weather



11am MT

A Zoom Gina Jozef (ATOC) and Jonathan Hamilton (Aerospace Engineering) Unmanned Aircraft Operations and Day-to-Day Life on MOSAiC: Legs 3 and 4


Meeting ID: 948 0288 9201

passcode: mosaic



12pm MT

JESS – INSTAAR Zoom Raymond Najjar (Penn State) Regional and Global Views of Carbon Cycling in Coastal Waters


Meeting ID: 914 1322 2798

Password: #INSTAAR#



11am MT

B Zoom

Hannah Zanowski (ATOC/INSTAAR)

Dillon Amaya (ATOC/CIRES)


Arctic Freshwater Storage and Export in CMIP6 Models

Are Long-Term Changes in Mixed Layer Depth Influencing North Pacific Marine Heatwaves?

Quantifying the Influence of Cloud Radiative Feedbacks on Arctic Surface Warming using Cloud Locking in an Earth System Model

Recording: Link 



11am MT

A Zoom Peter Pilewskie (ATOC) Libera: Continuity of Earth's Radiation Budget Climate Data Record


Meeting ID: 998 0215 1033

Passcode: radiation



4:10pm MT

JESS – GEOL Zoom Jabrane Labidi (IPGP) Hydrothermal 15N15N Abundances: Deception and Clarity on the Origins of Planetary Nitrogen


Meeting ID: 742 093 1141

Passcode: geotalk



11am MT

n/a Zoom




Meeting ID: 915 3218 4467

Passcode: FEST



12pm MT

JESS – GEOG Zoom Lani Tsinnajinnie (U. New Mexico) Collaborative Hydrologic Research on the Navajo Nation: Investigating the Role of Mountainous Springs in Watershed Resilience https://youtu.be/6Q25zjV5tpk

Spring 2020

Date Format Room Speaker(s) Title & Abstract


A SEEC S228 James Brasseur (ASEN/CU) The surprising transition in atmospheric boundary layer turbulence structure from neutral stability to the development of large-scale atmospheric rolls
02/07/2020 B SEEC S228

Connor Nelson

Nander Wever

Cenlin He (NCAR)

Observations of environments supporting moist convective initiation during RELAMPAGO-CACTI

Snow modelling in polar regions

Enhanced snow absorption and albedo reduction by dust-snow internal mixing: modeling and parameterization

02/28/2020 A SEEC S228 Marika Holland (NCAR) Perspectives on predicting Arctic sea ice from seasons to centuries
03/06/2020 A SEEC S228

Rochelle Worsnop (NOAA)

Use of statistical post-processing to improve extended-range fire-weather forecasts
03/20/2020 B SEEC S228



04/10/2020 A SEEC S228



04/24/2020 B SEEC S228



Fall 2019

Date Format Room Speaker(s) Title & Abstract


A SEEL 303 Jeffrey Weiss (CU Boulder)

Climate oscillations and non-equilibrium physics

09/20/2019 B SEEC S372A/A

Matt Cann


Matt Gentry


Elina Valkonen

The Role of Moisture Pathways on Snowfall Amount and Distribution in the Southwest Central Mountains of Idaho

Considering the Influence of Clouds on Ocean Carbon Uptake

A Novel Intensity Metric for Arctic Cyclones – A Comparison with the more Traditional Metrics

10/04/2019 A SEEL 303 Cathy Smith (NOAA) NOAA/ESRL PSD Web-Based Weather and Climate Analysis Tools
10/18/2019 B SEEL 303

Nick Luchetti

Tessa Gorte

Abigail Smith

Evaluating Gust Front Characteristics Near Complex Terrain

Scoring Antarctic Surface Mass Balance in Climate Models to Refine Future Projections

Seasonal Transitions of Arctic Sea Ice over the Satellite Era

11/01/2019 A SEEL 303 Brooke Anderson (CSU) Hurricanes and Health: The Association between Cardiorespiratory Medicare Hospitalizations and Tropical Cyclone Exposure
11/15/2019 B SEEL 303 Kristen Aponte / Carolyn Brinkworth (UCAR)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)

12/06/2019 - SEEC C120 ESSS Poster Conference


Spring 2019

Date Format Room Speaker(s) Title & Abstract


A SEEC S228 (Sievers) Elizabeth Barnes (CSU) Causal pathways driving sub-seasonal jet-stream variability
02/07/2019 B SEEC S228 (Sievers) Nicola Bodini, Devon Dunmire, Jessica Tomaszewski

Towards a better understanding of turbulence dissipation rate (Bodini)

In situ and remote observations of a subsurface lake collapse in East Antarctica (Dunmire)

Quantifying wake impacts on downwind wind farms using the WRF Wind Farm Parameterization (Tomaszewski)

02/22/2019 A SEEC 372 A/B George Kiladis (NOAA) Skill and Impact of Tropical Variability in Two Operational  Weather Prediction Models
03/08/2019 A SEEC S228 (Sievers) Tristan L'Ecuyer (UW-Madison) PREFIRE: Filling a Startling Gap in Polar Climate Observation
03/22/2019 A SEEC S228 (Sievers) Karen Kosiba (CSWR)  43°N to 34°S: 77 degrees of weather
04/12/2019 B SEEC S228 (Sievers) Ren Smith, Kang Yang, Ryan Harp

The Role of Radiation in Tropical Cyclogenesis (Smith)

Northern Hemisphere Upper Troposphere “Dust Belt” from Improved CALIPSO Lidar Observations (Wang)

Projecting Future Temperature-Driven Changes in Crime (Harp)

04/26/2019 A SEEC S228 (Sievers) Brian O'Neill (University of Denver) Does half a degree of global warming matter? Results from the BRACE1.5 study


Fall 2018

Date Format Speaker(s) Title
09/07/2018 A* Cora Randall & Brian Toon (CU Boulder)

Clouds on the Edge of Space: Insight from the NASA Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere (AIM) Mission (Randall)

The environmental impacts of nuclear war are far more damaging than the explosions and could kill 90% of the Earth's population (Toon)

09/21/2018 B Ariel Morrison, Jason West, Steffen Mauceri

Observed and Simulated Cloud Response to Arctic Sea Ice Loss from CALIPSO and CESM1 (Morrison)

The Role of Oceanic Processes in the Initiation of Indian Summer Monsoon Intraseasonal Oscillations over the Indian Ocean (West)

Aerosol Retrieval from Hyperspectral Imagery over India (Mauceri)

10/05/2018 A Nikki Lovenduski (CU Boulder)

A Change in the Forecast: Ocean Biogeochemistry over the Next Decade

10/19/2018 B Vineel Yettella, Bobby Wallace, Lynn Montgomery

An ensemble covariance framework for quantifying forced climate variability and its time of emergence (Yetella)

Hidden Water: Investigating a firn aquifer in Southeast Greenland (Montgomery)

Deep Hail Accumulations: How can we identify storms that produce the largest threat?  (Wallace)

11/02/2018 A Dan McGrath (CSU) How much is really out there? Forays into measuring snow accumulation on glaciers and implications for glacier mass balance


(Room change: SEEL303)

B Riley Brady, Guo Lin, Maaike Izeboud

On the role of climate modes in modulating the air-sea CO2 fluxes in Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems (Brady)

Interactions Between a Nocturnal MCS and the Stable Boundary Layer, as Observed by an Airborne Compact Raman Lidar During PECAN (Lin)

Response of Greenland Ice Sheet firn to cloud radiative forcing (Izeboud)

11/30/2018   ESSS Poster Conference TBD

* The inaugural colloquium was given by two faculty members.