Student Fellow Partners with Dr. Myron Gutmann to Introduce Wordpress into the Classroom

July 7, 2017

Dr. Myron Gutmann is a professor in the History Department and director of CU’s Institute of Behavioral Science. He describes himself as an interdisciplinary historian, with interests in the history of Europe and the United States, ranging in areas of the environment, economics, and demography. Dr. Gutmann requested assistance from...

Vilja Hulden

Vilja Hulden Integrates Team-Based Learning

Feb. 14, 2017

The problem I grapple with is in the broad realm of critical thinking. More specifically, I want students to experience studying history as a process of reasoning - asking a question, speculating on an answer, looking up information, modifying the answer (and/or the question), asking new questions. Part of my...

Jacob gives a presentation about Wordpress to class

TTAP Program Fall Highlights

Nov. 22, 2016

Student Fellows (SFs) working for the Teaching Technology Assistance Program (TTAP) were busy this fall semester helping Arts and Sciences faculty across campus. The TTAP program is a new initiative that was launched this fall, with the goal of enhancing the classroom experience for both faculty and students. The following...

Dr. Lester and Jake presenting WordPress to the class

Dr. Anne Lester Integrates Wordpress & Google Maps in HIST 1800

Nov. 21, 2016

This month’s faculty spotlight celebrates Dr. Anne Lester’s work to innovate HIST 1800 - Introduction to Global History. Lester developed an opportunity for students to share what they are learning while also developing their technology skills with WordPress and Google Maps. WordPress is a web-based tool for creating websites and...

Creating Virtual History Exhibits with Young's ASSETT Development Award

June 15, 2015

CU Boulder Professor of History Phoebe Young won a Spring 2014 ASSETT Development Award to obtain student training support for digital exhibition software. Young integrated Omeka digital exhibition software into her course, History 4546: Popular Culture in Modern America. Young's students created online exhibits of pop culture themes. They uploaded...

History Professor Yonemoto Nominated for ASSETT Teaching Award

Aug. 27, 2014

"Visuals are important," says CU Boulder History Professor Marcia Yonemoto. Yonemoto includes maps and photographs of woodblock art and historic Japanese architecture in her PowerPoint lectures about Japanese history. This spring, students nominated her for an ASSETT Teaching with Technology Award for her well organized presentations in the History seminar...

Miriam Kingsberg Incorporates Shared Class Notes into Lecture Course

June 10, 2014

Watch Dr. Miriam Kingsberg's video podcast about how she incorporated shared notes into her lecture course, as inspired through her experience in the 2014 ASSETT Teaching with Technology Seminar. Teaching and Learning Challenge This semester (Spring 2014), I taught a large (approximately 90 students) introductory survey of Japanese history (HIST...

Susan Kent: Creating Screencasts for Flipped and Hybrid Course Delivery

May 15, 2013

I love the questions, I really love the questions, but it has meant that I am falling behind on my lectures. Were I able to deliver the lectures ahead of time online, then class could be devoted to discussions of a lot of interesting stuff and I could take questions...

When Technophobe Meets Technology

May 15, 2013

Dr. Julie Lieber, a professor of History and Jewish studies, is a self-declared technophobe. That is why she was shocked to receive recognition from ASSETT for excellence in teaching with technology. Lieber recognized that while technology was outside her comfort zone, it made up a large part of how her...

Using Animations in History Courses

July 9, 2012

by Celine Dauverd I first got interested in this topic, [Using Animations in History Courses] because I regularly teach Maymester sessions on core courses such as Early Modern Societies and was looking for ways to make sessions more interactive while educational. Attending Matt Koschmann’s session on Animation in the classroom...