Published: April 20, 2021

By Matara Hitchcock

Since February, the Student Technology Consultants have been hard at work implementing our student-centered projects, like the STC book club and media content, and faculty-centered projects, like direct consultations and media content. Our new members have really been hitting their stride, and I’m so proud of all this team has been able to accomplish this semester despite the continued strain of pandemic living.

On April 19th, we wrapped the third installment of the STC student book club! MingMing and Cameron led discussions about the implications of Range by David Epstein. Brittney Banaei published the final video in her [Re]defining Success series, a collaboration with Dr. Leslie Blood. MingMing Sun is continuing the Student Survival Guide series with an episode on work triggers, Bookstores, and Cameron Fragoso is producing her own content on our podcast feed, Pedagogy Now!, where she interviewed students about how their technology use has shifted due to remote learning and what they’ve done to compensate.

I’ve been providing support for the Innovation Incubator’s Emerge podcast series, which you can listen to on our Pedagogy Now! feed. Brittney and I have also been in the midst of a student writing project consultation, and Sindhu Sadineni has been working on a guide for how faculty members can use Discord to generate more student engagement in the remote classroom. 

Now that many of you will be returning to the classroom in the fall, please reach out to us if you have a technology or innovative teaching practice that you’d like to pursue. We are happy to help you through the Technology Integration Program by providing assistance to both you AND your students during the adoption process! Here you can find a list of different technologies that we’ve supported in the past.

I would also love to celebrate several STCs who will be leaving at the end of the semester! Brittney is taking on a new position at the Renée Crown Wellness Institute, where she will be able to help others find wellness resources for themselves and for their relationships. Cameron Fragoso is graduating with her BA in Philosophy and Classics with a minor in Anthropology in May, and Sindhu will be graduating with her BS in Applied Mathematics and a minor in Engineering Management over the summer. Congratulations to these three, and MingMing and I will miss you!

On that note, if you have any students who might be interested in working with our team, please encourage them to reach out to Jacie at The ideal student for this has strong critical thinking skills, can learn new technologies quickly, and feels comfortable working on projects with their peers, with faculty, or on their own. Having experience writing articles, video editing, and/or podcasting is an added bonus.

We hope you have a wonderful summer and look forward to checking in again this fall!