Brittney Banaei
Student Technology Consultant

Brittney is currently an MFA Candidate and a Graduate Instructor at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies from Missouri State University. Brittney's main performance experience is with traditional Raqs Sharki (bellydance), and her choreographic/research questions involve the intersection of history, politics, surveillance, and culture within dance forms of Middle East and North Africa and their respective diasporas.  

In addition to her transnational dance research and influences, Brittney places a strong emphasis on somatics and pedagogy. She is a STOTT Pilates® trained instructor as well as a licensed massage therapist, and she utilizes those skills in the dance classroom to create a physically safe and experiential learning environment. Additionally, her immersive study experience with the contemporary form Gaga informs Brittney's choreographic, directorial, and pedagogical processes. Brittney is also the co-president of CU student organization Performers Without Borders. 

Brittney's most recently choreographed and directed the collaborative evening-length work "Hunak," an investigation of cultural and interpersonal relationships within states of conflict. 

Outside of dance, Brittney's hobbies include: weightlifting, her dogs (Mildred and Mortimer), and peanut butter.