Published: Feb. 17, 2021

No matter what kinds of progress you’ve made, you probably feel behind in some capacity. When there are people your age already starting businesses or writing best-selling books, it’s easy to lament your lack of specialization. 

ASSETT’s Student Technology Consultants are running an interactive book club on Range, by David Epstein. We’ll address the myth of the early head start and the benefits of a “sampling period,” where one tries new things and builds range. Learn how this mindset can be more successful (and less stressful) than early specialization! We hope to provide a community for undergraduates in the College of Arts & Sciences to discuss their career and future mindsets.

All four meetings will be held Monday nights, 7-8 p.m. MST, on Zoom. ASSETT will provide Kindle copies of Range to all participants, and the book club will meet for the following schedule:

March 15: This is our introductory virtual meeting. We will distribute the e-books, make brief introductions, and watch a relevant TED talk.
March 22: This will be our first content discussion, focusing on the first third of the book.
April 5: This will be our second content discussion, focusing on the second third of the book.
April 19: This will be our final meeting, where we’ll discuss the final section of the book and overall takeaways. 

Interested participants should fill out this form: 
E-book codes are limited to twelve participants, all of whom must be a student of or enrolled in a course in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Students who miss the first meeting are still encouraged to reach out, since there may still be space!