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Incubator Presents at DBER

This April the ASSETT Innovation Incubator made its debut to the CU STEM community while presenting at a Discipline Based Education Research (DBER) seminar. At this online event, a representative from each of the four incubator teams presented on the focus and the work of their team, including Ruth Heisler (IPHY) representing the Student Success team; Nicole Jobin (Sewall RAP) representing the Collective to Advance Multimodal Participatory Publishing (CAMPP) team; Joy Adams (ASSETT) & June Gruber (PSYC) representing the Metacognition & Well-being team; and Eric Vance (APPM/LISA) representing the Inclusive Data Science team.

To hear more about the innovation incubator straight from the mouths of participants, watch this 1-hour recording of the presentation. [link forthcoming!]

Incubator Responds to Emergency Charge

Over the coming months, each Innovation Incubator team will explore and enact how they might leverage their innovations to positively impact the undergraduate learning experience during and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In response to the charge, this question recently emerged from the incubator community: How might we collectively create an OER (Open Educational Resource) that features adaptive teaching and learning strategies or tools from each of the four innovation incubator teams?

By nature of innovative initiatives, incubator teams take a nimble approach to their projects and their prototypes. Through a response to the COVID-19 emergency charge we hope to share approaches that work across any scenario now matter how or where we are teaching and learning.

Summer 2020 Resilience Conversations: Anxiety, Ambiguity, Adaptability

This series of general conversations will get participants thinking about, talking about, sharing about and — importantly — recognizing their own capacity for resilience and resilience practices.The group will meet once monthly throughout the summer in June, July, and August to discuss curated content focused on managing anxiety, navigating ambiguity, and enacting adaptability.  Build your resilience toolbox in community with colleagues during these one-hour facilitated conversations led by ASSETT’s Innovation Catalyst, Blair Young.

The conversation group is open to up to 15 staff and faculty.

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