Published: Aug. 21, 2019 By

We are excited to welcome Beth Osnes as ASSETT’s new faculty advisor. An Associate Professor of Theatre, Beth brings to the position a long history of innovative and unique projects involving students, technology, and faculty from other disciplines, particularly faculty involved in environmental studies. See, for example, several projects she has completed with Inside the Greenhouse and Speak World

Beth has worked with ASSETT on projects designed to help her students express themselves through video and through educational technologies. Most recently, she has served as ASSETT Advisory Board. She is actively involved in our Innovation Incubator as a member of a team that is investigating opportunities to establish a peer-to-peer support environment for faculty and students, and she is excited to help Amanda McAndrew with our Faculty Fellows program

I have known Beth for many years, and I’ve found her to be an innovative, passionate, and fierce scholar who loves helping students gain their voice and use it in service of great causes. She has an infectious, positive energy, and we are excited to journey with her as we explore how to better serve A&S’ goals for improving teaching with technology. Please join me in welcoming Beth!