Published: April 19, 2018
Punya Mishra poses with the flier announcing his keynote at the 2018 Teaching with Technology Symposium

Faculty and staff representing a wide range of academic programs and campus offices examined the intersections of technology, design thinking, and pedagogy design at ASSETT’s 2018 Teaching with Technology Symposium on April 9.

The event featured an “Ask Me Anything” session and presentation by Punya Mishra, Associate Dean of Scholarship & Innovation and Professor of Educational Leadership & Innovation at Arizona State University. His keynote address, “Educational Technology, Creativity and Design: Examining the Convergence,” drew upon his experiences consulting with school districts, non-profit organizations, and businesses. Dr. Mishra shared insights into creativity and deep play as valuable educational pursuits, emphasizing the potential benefits that could gained by infusing the arts into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics instruction (i.e., reconceptualizing “STEM” as “STEAM”). Reflecting on his diverse personal and professional background, he also acknowledged the importance of failure and learning from mistakes as essential elements of the creative process. He expounded on his seminal work on the Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge (TPACK) model, which has greatly influenced our unit’s work.

Staff from ASSETT, the Academic Technology Design Team, and the Office of Information Technology were on hand to introduce attendees to a number of services and programs available to faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences, including the Student Fellows and Faculty Fellows, consultations on Universal Design for Learning, the Visualizing Instructional Practices Service, support for users of the Canvas learning management system, and data collected from our Large Lecture Discovery Project.

Janet Casagrand, Senior Instructor in the Department of Integrated Physiology, was presented with ASSETT’s annual Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award, which recognizes a CU faculty member’s commitment and leadership in furthering ASSETT's mission of advancing teaching and learning through technology. She was nominated by a peer who cited her ongoing efforts to “improve and advance student learning not only in her courses, but across our curriculum and beyond.” Dr. Casagrand’s accomplishments and contributions will be featured on the ASSETT website and in an upcoming newsletter.

In reflecting upon their experience, a number of participants cited “inspiration” as their key takeaway from the event. “I always find it invigorating to hear the solutions other instructors are employing in their classrooms to improve their teaching,” explained Beth Osnes, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Theatre. “I find I can get settled and self-congratulatory for what I am already doing, which can keep me from continuing to move forward. This inspires me to keep learning and trying new things.” Mona Attwa, Instructor in the Arabic Language and Literature Program observed, “The symposium was focused and allowed time to understand the scope of the technologies exhibited. I now understand what is actually meant by ‘design’ after attending the symposium, and I will see how I can remodel my teaching by thinking about this approach.”

For some inspiration of your own, contact our team to schedule an individual consultation or small-group training. Additional information about our services and programs is available on the ASSETT website.