Published: June 13, 2016
Woodbury Hall Woodbury Hall, home of the Academic Advising Center.

College of Arts and Sciences advisors win national awards two years in a row

Two advisors in the College of Arts & Sciences have been recognized in the past year by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), a national association of professional advisors, counselors, faculty, administrators and students working to enhance the educational development of students.

Larisa Netterlund (2015 NACADA Outstanding New Advisor Certificate of Merit)

Larisa Netterlund, a Film Studies advisor in the College of Arts & Sciences, was recognized by NACADA last year for her work as a new advisor (1-3 years’ experience). Netterlund says that academic advising can mean different things to different students and in different departments.

“A big part of what advisors do is what I call ‘logistical advising:’ helping students navigate the complexity of the university,” said Netterlund. “We have considerable institutional knowledge that students can tap to help them graduate more quickly, save money and experience new things that they might not have noticed on their own.”

Netterlund said that the role of advisors is often misunderstood, sometimes even by their own students.

“I think of myself as a student advocate, someone who is on their side and helping them manage a complicated system.”

David Rogalski (2016 NACADA Outstanding Advising Award - Primary Advising Role)

David Rogalski, Academic Advisor in Economics, was recognized by NACADA this year as a winner of the Outstanding Advisor Award in a Primary Advising Role. Rogalski was also recently recognized by the Arts & SciencesAcademic Advising Center, where he has worked since 2010, as the inaugural recipient of the Clem Rinehart Outstanding Advisor Award, an internal award in the College of Arts & Sciences.

“The Arts & Sciences Outstanding Advisor Award recognizes the advisor who receives the most positive and consistent ratings from students on going above and beyond the call of duty” said Shelly Bacon, assistant dean for academic advising in the College of Arts & Sciences.

“Dave will insist that what he’s doing is nothing more than being an advisor, but there is a level of excellence here that really embodies the best of what being an advisor is and that is exactly what this award is about.”

Rogalski said that he is "humbled and thankful" to be recognized by NACADA and the Arts & Sciences Academic Advising Center.

“I am an incredibly lucky advisor as I have been gifted the best students on this campus to support. I am appreciative of every interaction I have with students, not only to help sculpt meaningful educational experiences, but also to engage and motivate them to serve as positive changes agents in society."

Reprinted from the CU Office of News Services.

June 13, 2016