I transferred two writing courses to CU. Why isn't one of them fulfilling my upper-division Written Communication core requirement?

Upper-division courses are generally those which are suitable for juniors and seniors, and courses transfer in at the level at which they were taught. At CU Boulder, lower-division courses (for freshmen and sophomores) have course numbers from 1000 to 2999, and upper-division course numbers run from 3000 to 4999. If the writing courses you transferred are both lower division, neither can fulfill our upper-division requirement.

I'm a CSCI-BA major, but my computer science transfer courses still need to be reviewed. How do I get them evaluated?

Since computer science courses are evaluated by faculty of the College of Engineering and Applied Science, please submit your request to the Office of Admissions in Regent Hall. You can submit your request electronically at TCHelp@colorado.edu.

According to my advisor, I need to submit a syllabus for one of my transfer courses. Why is this necessary?

Sometimes a course description gives too little information for an evaluation to be made. In cases like this, much more information can be obtained from the course syllabus. Syllabi usually list the text(s) used, the course objectives, the methods of assessment, and the week-by-week topics under discussion. This information makes it possible to determine whether a course has a CU equivalency and/or applies to a core requirement.

I studied in another country, and all of my course information is in another language, not English. What should I do?

You can hire a certified translator to translate the materials into English, or you can do the translation yourself and have a certified translator verify the accuracy of your translation. You can also check with CU's language departments if we teach the language in question. Language departments often keep lists of tutors willing to translate for a fee. When you submit your course information to this transfer credit website for review, please include copies of both the original course information and the translation.

Why didn't my independent study transfer?

Independent studies are variable across institutions. In order to assess transferability of an independent study, CU requires that the course materials produced by the student (exams, papers, etc.) be reviewed by faculty of the department which would house the subject studied. Please take your course materials to the appropriate department for review.

I disagree with the evaluation of one of my transfer courses. Is there anything I can do to appeal?

No, all decisions on Transfer Credit Appeals are final, since the process includes a high-level review.

Where do I send my transcripts?

Please have your final official transcripts sent directly from the other school to the CU Admissions Office. Be sure to ask for the transcripts to be sent after all grades, certificates or degrees have been posted.  Transcripts may be emailed to transcripts@colorado.edu or mailed to the Office of Admissions.

I think one of my classes should count for Gen Ed, but it is showing up in the electives section of my degree audit. What should I do?

First, check the "Courses" tab of your degree audit.  If the course has an "NR" iflag next to it, or a notation that says "NEED SYLLABUS" then the course hasn't yet been reviewed.  Follow the directions on the home page of this web site to determine the type of course it is and where you should submit your request for evaluation of the course.  If there are any other iflags next to the course, it has already been reviewed for all A&S core categories and will fulfill the Gen Ed categories on your degree audit that it has been approved for.

One of my transfer courses says "NON TRANSFER" next to it. Why won't this course transfer to CU for credit?

There are many reasons why transfer courses may not transfer.  Please refer to the CU Office of Admissions' web site's Transfer Credit Policy & Guidelines for specific information. If you have questions about why a particular course is not transfering, please see your academic advisor.

I think one of my transfer courses is equivalent to a CU course, but it isn't showing up that way in my degree audit. Why is that?

As part of the evaluation process, the A&S Transfer Credit Unit, in conjunction with the different departments within the College of Arts and Sciences, determine if a transfer course is close enough in content to be called equivalent to a CU course.  If it is determined that a transfer course is equivalent to a CU course, then the equivalency is given to the transfer course and the transfer course will apply to A&S core requirements (or not) in the the same way that the CU course applies. If a transfer course isn't determined to be equivalent to any CU course, the transfer course will still be evaluated to determine if it fulfills any of the A&S core requirements. Departments can also look at transfer courses that haven't been given exact equivalencies to determine if they could meet major or ancillary requirements, so contact your academic advisor if you have a transfer course that you think should fulfill any requirement within your major.

I'm a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, but I have some business course from a previous school that I want to have evaluated. Where do I send them?

All transfer courses with non-Arts and sciences content should be sent to TCHelp@colorado.edu for distribution to the correct CU College for evaluation.