Published: Dec. 10, 2019


Cadet Zander Wiesehuegel as a 2019 ROTC All-American.

CU-Boulder Army ROTC Cadet Zander Wiesehuegel - 2019 NFCU ROTC All-American.

Our very own Army ROTC Cadet Zander Wiesehuegel was selected as one of twelve other candidates to be on the 2019 Navy Federal Credit Union, ROTC All-AmericanTeam and a finalist for their Student of the Year Award.

Though Wiesehuegel was not selected as the Army ROTC Student of the Year, the Navy Federal Credit Union says they are honored to work with him as an ROTC All-American and described him as “a truly outstanding young person with a bright future.”

CDT Wiesehuegel will receive a $2,500 scholarship, and the credit union will send a $1,500 donation to benefit CU Boulder Army ROTC students.
Learn more about the All-American Award program here.