Theodore Ted Snow

The main theme of my research continues to be observational studies of the chemistry and physics of the diffuse and translucent interstellar medium. This includes analysis of the interaction between gas and dust, as indicated by depletion studies and by infrared solid-state absorption features; studies of dust extinction curves from the ultraviolet to the infrared; and molecular abundances. A very important part of this is my membership in the Science Team for the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph, which goes much deeper into interstellar clouds than previous instruments. I also have a grant for laboratory research on chemical reaction rates of astrophysical interest, emphasizing candidates for the molecular carriers of the unidentified diffuse interstellar bands.

Selected Recent Publications:

Destree, J. and Snow, T. 2009, "Unidentified Features in the Ultraviolet Spectrum of X Per", Ap.J., 697, 684-692.

Snow, T., Ross, T., Destree, J., Drosback, M., Jensen, A., Rachford, B., Sonnentrucker, P., and Ferlet, R. 2008, "A New FUSE Survey of Interstellar HD", Ap.J., 688, 1124-1136.

Jensen, A., Rachford, B., and Snow, T. 2007, "Is There Enhanced Depletion of Gas-Phase Nitrogen in Moderately Reddened Lines of Sight?", Ap.J., 654, 955-970.