Seth Hornstein
Observatory Director


D317 (Duane)
N125 (SBO)

Current research focuses on improving undergraduate astronomy education. Past research concentrated on infrared observations of the supermassive black hole at the Galactic Center using high angular-resolution (adaptive optics and speckle) imaging techniques.

Selected Recent Publications:

Wallace, C., Prather, E., Hornstein, S., Burns, J., Schlingman, W., Chambers, T., 2016, A New Lecture-Tutorial for Teaching about Molecular Excitations and Synchrotron Radiation [1], The Physics Teacher, 54, 40

Marrone, D., et al., 2008, An X-Ray, Infrared, and Submillimeter Flare of Sagittarius A*ApJ

Markoff, S., et al., 2008, Results from an Extensive Simultaneous Broadband Campaign on the Underluminous Active Nucleus M81*: Further Evidence for Mass-scaling Accretion in Black HolesApJ

Hornstein, S., Matthews, K., Ghez, A., Lu, J., Morris, M, Becklin, E, Rafelski, M, Baganoff, F., 2007, A Constant Spectral Index for Sagittarius A* during Infrared/X-Ray Intensity VariationsApJ