I'm interested in exploring Solar System planetary science, namely planetary interior and surface processes, through laboratory experiments. I currently work in Dr. Alisha Clark's group in the department of Geological Sciences, constraining viscosity measurements of silicate melts. Silicates are a major component of terrestrial planetary interiors, and silicate melts are the most efficient mechanism for transporting heat and mass within these planetary bodies. Thus, in order to understand planetary formation and evolution processes, we must first measure silicate melt material properties like viscosity. Our group also heavily collaborates with Corning Incorporated, Sandia National Laboratories, Argonne National Laboratory, and (in the near future) Brookhaven National Laboratory.

When I'm not working, I enjoy figure skating, skiing, volleyball, printmaking, taking care of my plants, and video games!

Advisors: Alisha Clark [Geological Sciences], David Brain [APS]

Office: Benson Earth Sciences, 240C