Rebecca Becky Nevin

I work with Julie Comerford and Francisco Müller-Sánchez on confirming and analyzing dual Active Galactic Nucleus candidates. I also study moderate-luminosity AGN in the local universeI and use an iterative Markov Chain Monte Carlo process to model and derive the energetics of biconical AGN outflows in these galaxies. I observe these z<0.1 galaxies with the DIS instrument on the 3.5m ARC telescope at Apache Point Observatory.

Selected Recent Publications:

Müller-Sánchez, F., Comerford, J., Nevin, R., et al., 2015 "The Origin of Double-Peaked Narrow Lines in Active Galactic Nuclei I: Very Large Array Detections of Dual AGNs and AGN Outflows", ApJ
Nevin et al., in prep, "The Nature of Double-Peaked Narrow AGN Emission Lines I: A Kinematic Longslit Classification Technique"