Loren Matilsky


I am broadly interested in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and in particular how convection interacts with magnetism in rotating spherical shells (i.e., in stars). I currently work with Brad Hindman and Juri Toomre running MHD simulations of spherical convection on the Pleiades supercomputer. We are attempting to determine how angular momentum transport in the Sun affects the solar differential rotation profile observed through helioseismology, especially the Near-Surface Shear Layer at the top of the convection zone. On the observational side of things, our group uses a high-resolution variant of ring-diagram analysis (developed here at CU by Benjamin Greer for his PhD thesis) to determine the 3D velocity field in the Solar interior at shallow depths and how well it compares to our simulations.

Apart from solar physics, I am interested in the theory of compact objects and accretion power in general.

Outside of astrophysics, I enjoy playing music (mandolin and guitar), exploring dry climates and political activism.  Fun fact: you are allowed to own up to 8 hens and 2 beehives in residential areas of Boulder. I highly recommend taking full advantage of this, in preparation for the possible zombie apocalypse.

Selected Publications
Rossby Vortices in Thin Magnetised Discs