Garyfallia "Lily" Kromyda
Hale Fellowship, John T. Gosling Endowed Fellowship

I am Research Assistant working with Bob Ergun and David Malaspina. My main research interest is in wave-particle interaction processes in various plasma environments. I am currently studying waves in the solar wind using Parker Solar Probe data. I have previously worked on particle acceleration in magnetic reconnection-driven turbulence in the Earth's magnetosphere using MMS data. Prior to joining the space plasmas research community, I was working in the field of solar physics. I did research on the statistics of solar active regions and on strong Ha emission profiles from active regions.


Short Duration Electrostatic Waves with Frequency Shifts in the Solar Wind Sunward of 1/3 AU

Experimental Determination of Ion Acoustic Wave Dispersion Relation With Interferometric Analysis

Electrostatic Waves with Rapid Frequency Shifts in the Solar Wind Sunward of 1/3 AU

Observations of Particle Acceleration in Magnetic Reconnection-driven Turbulence

Particle Acceleration in Strong Turbulence in the Earth's Magnetotail

On the validity of the Taylor Hypothesis in the inner heliosphere as observed by the Parker solar probe

Statistical Analysis of Individual Solar Active Regions