Lawrence Larry Esposito


D117 (Duane)

Observational and theoretical studies of planetary atmospheres and rings; chemistry and dynamics of the Venus clouds; waves in Saturn's rings; numerical methods for radiation transfer.

Selected Recent Publications:

Esposito, L.W., E.R. Stofan, T. Cravens. 2007. Exploring Venus. Introductory chapter to “Exploring Venus as a terrestrial planet”, AGU Monograph Series, Volume 176, 1-6.

Esposito, L.W., B. K. Meinke, J.E. Colwell, P.D. Nicholson, M.M. Hedman. 2008. Moonlets and Clumps in Saturn’s F Ring. Icarus. Vol 194/1, 278-289.

Esposito, L.W. 2010. Composition, Structure, Dynamics and Evolution of Saturn’s rings. Annual Review of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Vol. 38 (In press January 2010)