Kevin France


D219 / SPSC N214 / ARL Rocket Lab

Dr. France's research focuses on exoplanets and their host stars, protoplanetary disks, and the development of instrumentation for ultraviolet astrophysics.   Dr. France was a member of the HST-COS instrument and science teams, is a regular guest observer with Hubble and ground-based telescopes, is a member of NASA's LUVOIR Science and Technology Definition Team, and is the PI of a NASA-supported sounding rocket program to develop and flight test critical path hardware for a future UV/optical astrophysics and planetary science missions.

Recent publications:

 * The MUSCLES Treasury Survey I: Motivation and Overview (France, Loyd,
   Youngblood, et al.), ApJ, v820, astro-ph, 2016

 * CHISL: The Combined High- resolution and Imaging Spectrograph for the
   LUVOIR Surveyor (France, Fleming, and Hoadley), JATIS, v2(4), astro-ph
   , 2016

 * The Evolution of Inner Disk Gas in Transition Disks (Hoadley, France,
   Alexander, McJunkin, and Schneider), ApJ, v812, astro-ph, 2015

 * CO/H2 Abundance Ratio ~ 10^{-4} in a Protoplanetary Disk (France, Herczeg,
   McJunkin, and Penton), ApJ, v794, astro-ph, 2014

 * Fluctuations and Flares in the Ultraviolet Line Emission of Cool Stars:
   Implications for Exoplanet Transit Observations (Loyd & France), ApJS,
   v211, astro-ph, 2014