I am a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate studying the solar corona (the Sun's outer atmosphere) and solar wind (the expansion of the corona into interplanetary space) with advisor Dr. Craig DeForest (SwRI). I'm working with white-light images from Parker Solar Probe's imager, WISPR, to study faint, small-scale density structures that Parker Solar Probe flies past and through. I am also working with Dr. Jason Kooi (NRL) to study magnetic field strength and structures in the corona and solar wind using a technique called Faraday rotation. We utilize observations from the Very Large Array (VLA), a ground-based radio interferometer, to do this science. Using different wavelength regimes, I am studying distinct but complementary physics in the inner heliosphere.

In addition to research, I have been developing my science communication skills by working at Fiske Planetarium, on the outreach team, and taking courses in science writing and teaching & learning physics. I'm currently working to publish a short poetry book (for kids) that I wrote about the Sun. It's so fulfilling to share science with others.

Finally, I also love being outside -- birding, walking and running in the woods, playing frisbee, and biking around; reading and writing poetry; and spending time with silly and sweet people.