Juri Toomre


A606 (JILA)
G328 (Duane)

Theoretical and computational astrophysics, including solar and stellar convection, magnetic dynamo action within stars, turbulence in many settings, and helioseismology. Central to this is theoretical work involving modern fluid dynamics, often based on 3-D simulations on supercomputers, that can be challenged and tested by astrophysical observations.

Selected Recent Publications:

Miesch, M.S., Brun, A.S., DeRosa, M.L., Toomre, J., 2008, "Structure and evolution of giant cells in global models of solar convection", Astrophys. J., 673, 556-575.

Miesch, M.S., Toomre, J., 2009, "Turbulence, magnetism and shear in stellar interiors", Ann. Rev. Fluid Mech., 41, 317-345.

Featherstone, N.A., Browning, M.K., Brun, A.S., Toomre, J., 2009, "Effects of fossil magnetic fields on convective core dynamos in A-type stars", Astrophys. J., 705, 1000-1018.