Jordan Wheeler

Duane D339

Currently working on the ultra compact on chip submm spectrometer SuperSpec. SuperSpec use on chip microwave resonant filters in which the energy trapped in each filter is detected using Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors (MKIDs).

Recent Publications:

Wheeler, Jordan D.; Koopman, Brian; Gallardo, Patricio; Maloney, Philip R.; Brugger, Spencer; Cortes-Medellin, German; Datta, Rahul; Dowell, C. Darren; Glenn, Jason; Golwala, Sunil; McKenney, Chris; McMahon, Jeffery J.; Munson, Charles D.; Niemack, Mike; Parshley, Stephen; Stacey, Gordon 2014. "Antireflection coatings for submillimeter silicon lenses" SPIE.