Johnathan John Bally


C323A (Duane)

Observations and theory of star and planet formation. Jets, outflows, and Herbig-Haro objects. Protoplanetarydisks. The origin, evolution, and destruction of molecular clouds.The formation of massive stars and star clusters, and theirimpacts on lower mass star birth and planet formation.

Selected Recent Publications:

Bally, J., Walawender, J., Reipurth, B., and Megeath, S.T. 2009, "Outflows and Young Stars in Orion's Large Cometary Clouds L1622 and L1634", A.J., 137, 3843-3858.

Bally, J., Licht, D., Smith, N., and Walawender, J. 2006, "Irradiated and Bent Jets in the Orion Nebula", A.J., 131, 473-500.

Bally, J., Walawender, J., Luhman, K., and Fazio, G. 2006, "Deep Imaging Surveys of Star Forming Couds. IV. The Meek and the Mighty: Outflows from Young Stars in Chamaeleon I", A.J., 132, 1923-1937.