Jeremy Darling


D341 (Duane)

I work on topics in galaxy evolution, massive black holes, star formation, and cosmology. Most of my research is observational, lately focusing on precise measurements, both spectral and spatial, to study cosmology, gravity, and fundamental physics.

Selected Recent Publications:

Darling, J. 2014, "The Hubble Expansion is Isotropic in the Epoch of Dark Energy," MNRAS, 442, L66

Darling, J. 2013, "Objects Appear Smaller as they Recede: How Proper Motions can Directly Reveal the Cosmic Expansion, Provide Geometric Distances, and Measure the Hubble Constant," ApJ, 777, L21

Darling, J. 2012, "Toward a Direct Measurement of the Cosmic Acceleration," ApJ, 761, L26