Frances Fran Bagenal



My research interests are in the magnetic fields of planets, planetary plasmas and the interaction of planetary objects - from giant Jupiter down to tiny comets - with the solar wind or magnetospheric plasmas. I work with data from planetary missions (Galileo, Deep Space 1, New Horizons, Juno) as well as emissions observed remotely with telescopes (HST, Cassini).

Selected Recent Publications:

Jupiter: The Planet, Satellites and Magnetosphere, Fran Bagenal, Bill McKinnon, Tim Dowling (eds), Cambridge University Press 2004

Mass and Energy Flow Through the Magnetospheres of Jupiter and Saturn, Bagenal, F., P.A. Delamere, J. Geophys. Res., 116, A05209, 2011

Planetary Magnetospheres, Fran Bagenal, Planets, Stars and Stellar Systems.Volume 3: Solar and Stellar Planetary Systems, 2013,