Evan Anders

I am a 6th year graduate student in Ben Brown's group.
I enjoy studying simple experiments into questions regarding the fundamental nature of stratified convection, which is an important mechanism for heat transport in many astrophysical bodies including planets and stars. I am currently splitting my attention between two projects: a follow-up to my 2018 Accelerated Evolution paper, and a follow-up to my most recent 2019 Thermals paper.

Publications (as of Aug. 2019)...
4. Anders, E. H., Lecoanet, D. and Brown, B. P.. "Entropy Rain: Dilution and Compression of Thermals in Stratified Domains." Accepted for publication in ApJ.
3. Anders, E. H.; Manduca, C. M.; Brown, B.P.; Oishi, J. S.; and Vasil, G. M.. 2019. "Predicting the Rossby number in convective experiments". Published in ApJ.
2. Anders, E. H., Brown, B. P., and Oishi, J.S., 2018. "Accelerated evolution of convective simulations." Published in PRFluids.
1. Anders, E. H. and Brown, B. P., 2017. "Convective heat transport in stratified atmospheres at low and high Mach number."