Erica Ellingson


C332A (Duane)

My research interests include observational cosmology, galaxy evolution and active galactic nuclei. Current programs include multi-wavelength observations of high redshift galaxy clusters to measure dark matter mass distributions and quantify the effects of environment on galaxy formation and evolution.

Selected Recent Publications:

Ellingson, E., Burke, D., Mrockowski, T, et al., SPARCS J161315+564930: X-ray and Sunyaev-Zeldovich Confirmation of an Extremely Massive Cluster at Z=0.87, 2013, ApJS,submitted

Faloon, A., Webb, T, Ellingson E., et al., "The Structure of the Merging RCS 231953+00 Supercluster at z ~ 0.9,"2013, ApJ 768, 104

Loh, Y-S, Ellingson, E., Yee, H.K.C., et al., "Color Bi-Modality in Galaxy Clusters since z=0.9," 2009, ApJ 680, 214