NSF post-doctoral fellow

Emily (she/her) is an NSF post-doctoral fellow who studies the origin of the elements, nucleosynthetic processes, and Galactic chemical evolution. She has primarily worked with large stellar spectroscopic survey data sets, including APOGEE and GALAH, to decompose the prompt and delayed contributions to stars’ abundances. Emily is interested in comparing empirical and theoretical supernovae yields to refine our understanding of how core-collapse supernovae and Type-Ia supernovae enrich our Galaxy. She collaborates with Dr. Jeremy Darling and is a member of SDSS-V. Emily received her Ph.D. in Astronomy from Ohio State in 2022 and her B.A. in Physics & Theatre from Grinnell College in 2017.

Beyond research, Emily is dedicated to fostering an equitable and inclusive environment for members of the Astronomy and STEM communities. She is a member of COINS, the Committee On INclusivness in SDSS, and was a leader in undergraduate/graduate near-peer mentorship at Ohio State. Emily has a deep interest in sharing her excitement for science with the public, especially through the planetarium.