Douglas Doug Duncan


D315 (Duane)
N710 (SBO)

My research interests include stellar spectroscopy, testing the Big Bang by studying abundances in the oldest stars, galactic chemicalevolution, stellar rotation, and the evolution of stars like the sun. Some work is in conjunction with my recent Ph. D. students Francesca Primas (now at the European Southern Observatory, in Germanyand Chile ) and Luisa Rebull (now at NASA's Infrared Processing andAnalysis Center, Pasadena, CA). An additional interest is teaching and communication of science. I served for 4 years as national Education Coordinator of the AAS, and 5years as science commentator on National Public Radio. Research shows that there are much more effective ways to teach science than just lecturing. At CU I oversee TA training designed to help our studentsbecome excellent teachers and give them the knowledge and ability to compete for any job which includes teaching.

Selected Recent Publications:

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