Bryan Holler

I have been working with my research advisor, Leslie Young (Southwest Research Institute), on surface spectra of Pluto, Charon, and Triton. Upcoming and ongoing work includes reduction of Keck/OSIRIS data, temporal variations on the surface of Pluto, surface spectra of 2007 OR10 and Salacia, and photometry of Eris.

Selected Recent Publications:

Holler, B.J., Young, L.A., Grundy, W.M., Olkin, C.B., Cook, J.C., 2014. Evidence for longitudinal variability of ethane ice on the surface of Pluto. Icarus 243, 104-110.

Grundy, W.M., Olkin, C.B., Young, L.A., Holler, B.J., 2014. Near-infrared spectral monitoring of Pluto's ices II: Recent decline of CO and N2 ice absorptions. Icarus 235, 220-224.