Brian Fleming


Dr. Fleming’s research group focuses on a broad range of astrophysical topics, ranging from exoplanet atmospheres to the structure of galaxies and the cosmic web. More explicitly, his group focuses on developing the experiments and technologies necessary to address current pressing questions in astrophysics that existing resources can’t solve. Dr. Fleming is the PI of the SPRITE cubesat, a UV imaging spectrograph designed to probe the influence of massive stars and galaxies on the IGM, as well as the INFUSE sounding rocket, a UV integral field spectrograph designed to map shock interfaces in supernovae remnants. Other smaller projects Dr. Fleming leads include research into UV-transmitting fiber optics, MEMS devices for adaptive integral field spectroscopy, mirror coating deposition technology, and advanced grating design and fabrication techniques. Dr. Fleming is a member of the CUSP research group, a multi-disciplinary 30+ person team of scientists, students, and engineers focused on the applications of UV spectroscopy.