Benjamin "Ben" Brown


D115 (Duane)
N220 (SPSC)

I am interested in fluid dynamics in stars and exoplanets. Convection in these systems provides turbulent transport and mixing, drives waves, and builds magnetic fields. We use modern open-source tools on massively parallel supercomputers to study these systems.

Selected Recent Publications:

Angular momentum transport via internal gravity waves in evolving stars Fuller, J, Lecoanet, D, Cantiello, M, & Brown, B P, 2014, ApJ, 796, 17:1–12

Conduction in low Mach number flows: Part I Linear and weakly nonlinear regimes Lecoanet, D, Brown, B P, Zweibel, E G, Burns, K J, Oishi, J S, & Vasil, G M,, 2014, ApJ, 797, 94:1–16

Energy conservation and gravity waves in sound-proof treatments of stellar interiors: Part I anelastic approximations Brown, B P, Vasil, G M, & Zweibel, E G, 2012, ApJ, 756, 109:1–20