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Patterning and release of signaling proteins

Check out Joe's new paper on how to repeatably and reversibly pattern signaling proteins in hydrogels

July 26, 2018

Protein-functionalized hydrogels can provide more accurate extracellular matrix mimics for controlling cell behavior. In this work Joe et. al. describe fully reversible and repeatable patterning and release of signaling proteins from thiol-ene hydrogels.

Regenerative BioX Symposium, August 16-17th 2018

April 6, 2018

In collaboration with the BioFrontiers Institute, the Precision Biomaterials IRT is pleased to co-sponsor the 2018 “Regenerative BioX”, scheduled for Thursday, August 16 & Friday, August 17, 2018. The event includes a half-day symposium featuring 6 science and engineering leaders in specific areas of interest, followed by a series of...

Brian publishes about using engineering unit operations to advance precision medicine

Jan. 18, 2018

Brian Aguado published a Biomaterials Perspective in Science Translational Medicine yesterday check out the full article here: " Engineering precision biomaterials for personalized medicine "

Katie reports on lung alveolus co-culture model in Biomaterials

Jan. 16, 2018

Katie's latest work examines the interactions between lung epithelial and fibroblast cells in a co-culture model of the lung alveolus. Find it at Biomaterials .

Integrative Biology recognizes Emi Tokuda's work as one of the most downloaded articles of 2017

Sept. 11, 2017

Integrative biology features "PEG-peptide hydrogels reveal differential effects of matrix microenvironmental cues on melanoma drug sensitivity” as one of the top 10 most downloaded articles published so far in 2017. You can find it here as part of the Integrative Biology Most Downloaded Articles of 2017 Collection .

Adrianne publishes on hydrogels with reversible mechanical properties

Aug. 31, 2017

Adrianne Rosales ( now at University of Texas ) uses hydrogels with photocleavable and photopolymerizable functional groups to investigate the response of mesenchymal stem cells to changing mechanical environments. Head over to Angewandte Chemie to check it out !

Tobin publishes review on spatiotemporal hydrogel biomaterials in Chem Soc Rev

Aug. 25, 2017

Interested in how photochemical reactions can be used to create and modify biomaterials? Head over to Chemical Society Reviews and check out the latest review!

Alex publishes in Advanced Healthcare Materials about clickable microgel scaffolds

May 10, 2017

Alex Caldwell publishes a synthetic bottom-up fabrication process for microgel building blocks with clickable surface groups to make porous cell-laden scaffolds. Follow this link to read the full maunscript !

Hao & Anouk co-author a paper on spatial matrix variations and myofibroblast activation

April 10, 2017

Hao Ma and Anouk Killaars co-authored this work appearing in Biomaterials. In this paper, they investigated the role of spatial variations in matrix elasticity and its organization on myofibroblastic activation on valvular interstitial cells. Check out the full article here !

microgel sensors of protease activity

Della Shin publishes on microgel sensors for protease activity

March 27, 2017

In this work, Della develops fluorescent microgel sensors for the three-dimensional monitoring of cellular protease activity. These sensors are then used to monitor protease activity of melanoma cancer cells. Check out the full article here!