Kaustav Bera
Postdoctoral Researcher
Biofrontiers Institute

Curriculum Vitae

The epithelial lining of our intestine is organized in a crypt-villi architecture and serves many essential functions including maintenance of barrier, digestion and nutrient absorption. Due to the presence of high shear and other stressors in the intestinal lumen, the epithelium undergoes rapid cellular turnover and regenerates continuously from multipotent intestinal stem cells (ISCs) present at the crypt base. During homeostasis, the ISC niche exists in the crypt together with differentiated cells (e.g., lysozyme producing Paneth cells in the small intestine) and stromal cells at the underlying mesenchyme. Kaustav is utilizing photo-responsive hydrogel system in combination with reporter organoid lines and advanced microscopy to mimic the gut architecture and decipher how the epithelial structure and composition is maintained. Such studies will help us understand the progression of intestinal diseases like inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer.