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AeroSpace Ventures Day 2016

Thursday, October 27th
9:00 - 5:00pm
LASP Space Science Building

PLEASE JOIN US for the 4th Annual AeroSpace Ventures Day, where we bring together companies, faculty researchers, and students to stimulate opportunities for the aerospace industry.

Industry executives, senior technologists, scientists, and managers will:

  • ~ Learn about cutting edge research related to space weather, earth observation, and space exploration/technologies.
  • ~ Share needs, challenges, and opportunities facing their organizations and explore how CU can help.
  • ~ Discuss workforce development needs and network with CU faculty and students.

Featuring Keynote speaker Bobby Braun, incoming Dean the College of Engineering and Applied Science and former NASA Chief Technologist.

Registration: $100 per person, includes lunch, reception, and parking.

AeroSpace Ventures brings together researchers, students, industry leaders, government partners, and entrepreneurs to envision and create the future for space and Earth systems, driving the discovery and innovation tha.t will the 21st century economy.