Accreditation is the means through which the University and our programs assure students and the public of educational advancement and quality. More broadly, through comprehensive evaluations of the University and our programs, policies and practices, accreditation is an expression of confidence in the University's mission & goals, activities, performance, planning, and resources. While the accreditation processes have changed over the years, accreditation remains a unique opportunity for continuous introspection of CU Boulder's strengths and challenges—and a chance to gain thoughtful feedback from other leaders in higher education. 

Most associate accreditation with access to federal financial aid, or Title IV, and while that is certainly one role and responsibility for institutional accreditors, the University appreciates the other, and more primary, role of our accreditation, which is institutional improvement. Accreditation activities through our institutional and programmatic accreditors allow the University to reflect on ways we can improve to best meet the needs of our students and our mission.

This website is designed to provide the campus community and the public with access to information about accreditation, state authorization and the University’s processes related to these topics.