Published: Nov. 6, 2017

Economics (14)

Intro to A&S Strategic Planning Process by David Brown

  • History of A&S process
  • Work of committee to date—draft vision statement
  • Schedule for committee’s work

Intro by Jeff Cox

  • Intro on teaching and reaching visioning
  • Laying out of fall work
  • Role of Committee and Report

Q:   What is the relationship between AF and Flagship 2030?

  1.  Flagship 2030 is the campus strategic plan.  AF is not a strategic planning exercise but a discussion of our core practices of learning and discovery under the strategic imperatives.

Comment:  Send a blast email to the entire campus each Friday.

Comment:  One way to promote interdisciplinary education is to bundle related classes or to offer modular courses.

Comment:  Promote internationalization by created many faculty and student exchanges with other universities.

Comment:  Focus on students’ real needs:  they need to be professionally trained.  How many SCH go to professionalization vs. old style general education?  Ask the private sector what students need.

Comment:  We should figure out how the university can be useful to the state and more broadly the public sphere.  We need to find ways to consult and to advise with academic integrity.  We need to change FRPA Outreach codes to reflect work in the public sphere.

Comment:  Leeds does a great job with placement.  The rest of the campus and career services need to do better.

Comment: Economics needs to be connected more fully with Leeds.  Leeds is not always the best possible partner.