Published: Nov. 6, 2017

November 3, 3:00

French and Italian (15 people)

Intro by Jeff Cox

  • Intro on teaching and reaching visioning
  • Laying out of fall work
  • Role of Committee and Report
  • Some discussion of A&S strategic planning process

Comment:  Stop wasting faculty time.  Too many processes require letters of recommendations, particularly from the chair.

Comment:  Allow departments more leeway in how they run promotion and tenure, including eliminating the template for external reviewers.

Comment:  There should be more support for junior faculty.  They should be able to have a full year off before tenure.

Comment:  We need more help for associate professors, with, perhaps, a guaranteed semester off between the first two sabbaticals after tenure.

Comment:  Affordable daycare needs be a major priority.  (Seconded by many in the room).

Comment:  The campus needs to refocus on research and graduate education.

Comment:  The university keeps expanding what is required of faculty—for example, outreach.  Stay focused on teaching and research.