Published: Nov. 6, 2017

Center for Asian Studies (5)

Intro by Jeff Cox

  • Intro on teaching and reaching visioning
  • Laying out of fall work
  • Role of Committee and Report
  • Some discussion of A&S strategic planning process

Comment:  Need more library resources for Asian studies

Comment:  Internationalization has not received sufficient attention from campus.  CAS is a grassroots international, promoting a globalized curriculum and research.

Comment:  University needs to lead students towards what they need to know not follow what they want to take.

Comment: The budget model does not support interdisciplinarity or interdisciplinary units such as CAS.  It is difficult to work across schools and colleges

Comment:  Remember that internationalization includes educating our students as global citizens.

Comment:  The campus needs a central administrator responsible for international teaching and research.

Comment:  We need to cultivate international alumni.  Advancement and alumni association need to participate in international efforts.