Published: Dec. 20, 2017

Week of December 11

Tuesday, December 12, 5:000 pm

BFA Student Affairs Committee (6 people)


General Comment:  The committee wanted to discuss what they identified as perennial concerns about the honors council.  They want to see the faculty member fairly compensated.  They have an individual they would like to see as that mentor.  They feel that this process has been taken away from the students and that the BFA executive committee had taken the issue away from them.

Q.  Can this be resolved through Academic Futures.

            A.  Academic Futures is not a process for dispute resolution.  The AF Committee would, of course, consider comments or a white paper that address this situation and its resolution, and the committee could decide to comment in its report.  Since this seems to be an issue within BFA, it might be best to resolve it through the processes within BFA.