CU Boulder’s academic credibility depends on many measures, but preeminent among these is evidence of our students’ accomplishments. Measuring  how effectively students learn relative to the goals of their program of study, their degree level, and the university’s mission helps us understand not only how effectively we teach, but how well we align our resources to support successful student learning outcomes. To realize CU Boulder’s full teaching strength will require us to establish and cultivate an institution-wide expectation for well-defined, measurable student learning outcomes standards, for sufficient administrative structures and support, including for gathering and disseminating useful outcomes assessment data, and for widespread faculty engagement.  

Over this upcoming semester, a steering committee composed of CU Boulder assessment and student data practitioners will study these factors and what it will take to establish a campus-wide assessment culture. The committee will look at current campus assessment practices and resources with a focus on asking how CU Boulder can build on successful efforts already underway. The group will also study assessment practices elsewhere to understand what additional supports might be required to extend the benefits of outcomes assessments to every academic program.

Charge to the Academic Assessment Steering Committee

Meet the Team

  • Katherine Eggert, Senior Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Planning and Assessment
  • Edward Adler, Graduate Program Director
  • Kirk Ambrose, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Stephanie Foster, Assessment Lead, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Andre Grothe, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Planning and Assessment
  • Mary Kraus, Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education
  • Beth Myers, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success Initiatives
  • Valerie Otero, Professor, STEM Education and Executive Director LA Program
  • Robert Stubbs, Chief Data Strategy and Analytics Officer
  • Erika Swaine, Assistant Director for Compliance and Authorization
  • Robin Swift, Senior Project Manager