Student life: CU-Boulder scholarship Q & A

Published: Feb. 15, 2016
Campus Q & A

It's not too late to apply for a scholarship. The CU-Boulder scholarship application process for 2016-17 is available through March 1 on the student portal. CU-Boulder also encourages students to apply for privately-funded scholarships.

Learn more about scholarships through the following Q & A with the Office of Financial Aid: 

Q  Is there a place where I can see when all the different types of scholarships are due?

Deadlines vary greatly depending on the program. Deadlines for the CU-Boulder Scholarship Application are as follows:

  • Feb. 22: Presidents Leadership Class Scholarship application due
  • March 1: all other scholarships (and there are many) due

Students can also find scholarship opportunities outside of the CU-Boulder Scholarship application under the "Important Scholarship Dates" calendar feed.

Q  I’ve been told that I should complete the FAFSA as soon possible, around New Year’s Day. Is March 1 too late to still complete it?

Students should complete the FAFSA (if they want financial aid or need-based scholarships) as soon as possible. The application for the coming academic year was available beginning Jan. 1 and CU-Boulder provides that if you get your FAFSA completed by March 1, you are most likely to receive as much of our limited funds (that you are eligible for) as possible.

Students can apply with the FAFSA at any time, but they should note that it can take awhile to process the application and sometimes additional information is needed by the Office of Financial Aid. If students want aid for the coming fall, they need to apply no later than July (just to make sure it pays to the bill on time).

Q  Is the CU-Boulder Scholarship Application page the only place I should apply for scholarships, or should I also look at external sites (i.e.

You should search and apply for scholarships like it’s your job! The more you apply, the more chances you have to receive an award. Scholarships are the best way to pay for college, because they don’t have to be paid back. The Office of Financial Aid has resources to find external scholarship opportunities, as well as resume and essay writing resources. Tips to apply for scholarships.

Q  If I apply for these scholarships through CU, will all my private scholarships still apply? Even if I didn’t find them through CU’s sites?

All scholarships you receive (from CU or private) are considered financial aid. Private scholarships need to be reported to the Office of Financial Aid as well. You can receive as many scholarships as you need to cover the cost to attend CU-Boulder. In the (rare) case that a student gets more scholarships than it costs to attend, some of their scholarship money will be refunded to the donor (per federal regulations).

Q  Are scholarships from schools and colleges and campus programs all included in the main CU scholarship search engine?

While there are many scholarships in our database and application, colleges/schools/programs have their own scholarship programs too. Students should check with their departments for scholarship opportunities specific to their program.

Q  Can I use the same essays several times over, each for different scholarships, even if they’re all through the CU search engine?

You don’t have to start over each time, but make sure you read what each scholarship application wants from you and write to fit that. Essay writing tips.

Q  What should I do if it’s past the deadline? Are there still places to find financial aid that aren’t through CU? Do some of the private scholarships have later deadlines?

Google it! Search! Keep searching! There are always opportunities out there to apply for scholarships and it’s the best way to pay for college. There is a peak time when you have a million opportunities—but search and you can find upcoming opportunities to get you through college. Start with the resources listed on our private scholarship link.

Q  How late can I continue applying aid to my tuition bill? Right up to the deadline?

Ideally, students should figure out how they are paying for school before the first day of classes (so they can focus on school).

Some federal financial aid is required to be used the same semester it is offered, so once financial aid offers you funds, figure out how much you need and accept them.

Aid can be applied throughout the semester BUT if the student has a bill passed the bill due date, s/he will incur late fees.