Published: Dec. 29, 2015

A brand new parking garage will open off Stadium Drive on Jan. 7, 2016.

The three-level, covered facility, called Folsom Garage, will accommodate 555 vehicles. It is located underneath the new Indoor Practice Facility, part of the Athletics expansion.

The garage accommodates visitor pay station parking on the top level and faculty/staff permit parking on the lower two levels.

The combined Indoor Practice Facility and Folsom Garage are completely solar-powered, with 2,604 solar panels on the roof that will produce 851,000 watts of electricity. The parking garage’s ventilation system includes exhaust fans connected to carbon dioxide sensors to mitigate vehicle fumes. The interior layout supports visibility and reduces blind spots. Motion-sensor LED lighting, color-coded way-finding columns, and an elevator all add to customer experience.

“Folsom Garage is an excellent use of space beneath the practice field, and it’s a modern, attractive facility,” said Tom McGann, Director of Parking and Transportation Services. “The fact that it’s covered parking will make it that much more special to users during the winter.”

The demand for parking near Folsom Stadium has outstripped supply in recent years as Colorado Avenue has experienced an increase in building density. Folsom Garage will meet this increased demand and help make Folsom Street an official gateway to campus.

Faculty and staff members interested in purchasing a parking permit for Folsom Garage should contact their departmental parking liaison.

PTS staff tour the soon-to-be-opened facility

PTS staff tour the soon-to-be-opened facility.