New campus policy for student employee work hours

Published: Sept. 30, 2014
Beginning this fall, the ‘Student Hourly Employee Work Hours Policy’ limits hourly student employees to a maximum of 25 hours per week (or 50 hours per bi-weekly pay period) during the fall and spring semesters and to 40 hours per week (or 80 hours per bi-weekly pay period) during the summer.
Please note: existing policies which apply to graduate and international students will continue to limit them to 20 hours per week during the academic year. The policy does not affect students working in non-University off-campus jobs, though we encourage students to prioritize their academics first when considering outside work commitments.
The CU-Boulder campus has traditionally provided temporary employment opportunities to students to assist in offsetting some of the costs of their education and to help them learn valuable skills and gain work experience. As designed, hourly student positions are intended to be part-time.
After the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), the campus took the opportunity to examine the number of hours student employees were working per week and has established a policy which sets the maximum number of hours a student employee can work during a bi-weekly pay period. Not only does the policy support degree attainment as the student’s primary focus, it will help assist the campus in achieving Chancellor DiStefano’s initiative of increasing the six-year graduation rate. 
For more information, visit the Student Employment web site and read the policy at the University of Colorado Boulder's policy website: