Published: June 5, 2014

20-year honorees
Ann Sirotniak
Argelia Bujanda
Audrey Gonzales
Barbara Bogner
Blanca Rangel
Bobbie Atkinson
Bradley Arnold
Bruce Henderson
Carl Stewart
Cass Marshall
Cecilia Chavez
Charles Wetmore
Christopher Zetterholm
Claire Figel
Damon Vines
Edward vonBleichert
Eldred Cooley
Elizabeth Pike
Ellen Hedrick
Frank Klemenchuk
Frank Rodriguez
George Hoey
Hector Olivas
Irma Loya
Jeannette Millan
Jimmy Tobar
Joan Braun
John Fowlkes
Julian Kinsman
Julie Heath
Karen Schuster
Kelly Speiser
Kim Gotschall
Laurel Hoerner
Leah Dorney
Lisa Kippur
Lora Smith-Merriweather
Marino Lerma
Mark Henson
Miguel Portillo
Naomi Seko
Rebecca Korb
Rebecca Korte
Rosalva Garcia
Russell Moore
Santiago Flores
Scott Miller
Silvestre Rangel
Steven Turley
Suzanne Parquette
Thomas Miller
Timothy Hall
Valentina Garcia
Virginia Scott
William Kelsey

25-year honorees
Andrea Duryee
Artemis Sohrt
Carol Drake
Chan Sayavong
Christopher Schmalzer
Connie Blazon
David Allshouse
Debbie Otterstrom
Deborah Viles
Elva Aranda
Gary Pollock
Guadalupe Garcia
James Rosenthal
James Williams
Janet Baker
Jennifer Bennett
Joan Gabriele
Julie Graf
Kari Robinson
Kristin Miller
Lynn Hildebrand
Maria Garibay
Maria Oliveras
Mark Rhoades
Mary Romano
Michael Bussey
Michael Riberdy
Nicholas O'Connor
Omaira Bankston
Paula Bland
Peggy Delaney
Peter Caughey
Regina Houck
Richard Rokos
Robin Cantor
Scott Calvo
Terri Roark

30-year honorees
Ana Johnson
Anna Vayr
Barbara Todd
Cham Namvong
David Kalahar
James Singleton
Janice Farrar
Jill Skarstad
JP Osnes
Louis Welch
Lynn Lickteig
Manuel Romero
Randall Gomez
Rosalie Escamilla

35-year honorees
Jon Tsuda
Jorge Olivares

40-year honoree
Philip DiStefano

Sheryl Snyder (25 years)
Keith Gleason (30 years)
Ernest Valdez (30 years)
Anita Meyers (35 years)


This spring, Staff Council hosted the 38th Annual Years of Service banquet. 154 staff members received recognition for their years of service to CU-Boulder. See the sidebar for this year’s honorees.

Chancellor DiStefano, a 40-year honoree this year, opened the event by expressing his deep appreciation for the staff being honored and for the vital role of staff in the everyday operations of the university. Honorees came up to the podium and had their pictures taken with the Chancellor in front of a cheering crowd of colleagues, family and friends. 

Each year Staff Council’s Awards and Staff Recognition Committee sends out certificates to five, 10 and 15 cumulative years of service awardees using the HRMS database of the previous calendar year; e.g. staff who hit these years of service benchmarks in calendar year 2013 were acknowledged at the May 6 event. The time lag is needed to compile the list because there is no definitive report that tracks cumulative years of service within the CU System. Staff achieving 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service are given gift certificates and pins, and are invited to this event.

Staff who have retired within calendar year 2013 with more than 20 years of service are also invited to come and take one last round of applause for a career worth celebrating.

Pictures that were taken at the event will be sent to the recipients and some will soon be posted on the UCB Staff Council website. 

You do not have to be a member of Staff Council to serve on any of our many committees. For more information or to contact us, visit