Be Boulder. Week April 21-25

Published: April 16, 2014

By Sarah Martin, CUSG Freshman Council Member

The University of Colorado Boulder is a beautiful campus, surrounded by the even more beautiful Flatirons and city of Boulder. It is a university that this past November helped NASA launch the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission; it is a top ranked research institution, along with having nearly 13,500 students active in community service each year. CU-Boulder was also the first university to have a zero-waste football stadium and the first student-run recycling center. CU-Boulder makes incredible advances in research, environmental sustainability and bettering the community every year.

However, the image of CU-Boulder is not one of academic prestige or community service, it is one of college kids who love to party all of the time and take advantage of amendment 64’s legalization of marijuana. This image of CU-Boulder as a party school overshadows all the significant things being done on campus, and doesn’t give credit to all the students working extremely hard to achieve academic excellence, or the ones campaigning across campus trying to make the world a better place. These students deserve to graduate from the University of Colorado with a degree from a school people recognize for merit and excellence—not partying.

Rebranding the university is an important issue, because the image of a top party school is one that the university has long been combating. Which is why we as freshmen at CU-Boulder decided it was time for the students to join the fight. CU is a place that loves student wellness, environmental sustainability, academics, the Boulder community, and above all love our fellow Buffs.

We created Be Boulder. Week as an event where each day highlights the things that make CU-Boulder such an incredible university. Each day’s events are designed to be fun and interactive, and encourage students to be prideful of the excellence achieved here at CU- Boulder. Students need to see all the achievements that CU has accomplished, and Be Boulder Week aims to showcase this. Although CU-Boulder holds a reputation for being a party school, to us students this university is so much more. The time has come to redefine CU-Boulder; beginning with Be Boulder. Week, we would like to reintroduce you to The University of Colorado Boulder, a university of excellence.

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Be Boulder. Week

Monday, April 21: Wellness Day

Be happy. Be healthy. Be Boulder.

Tuesday, April 22: Earth Day
Be green. Be sustainable. Be Boulder.

Wednesday, April 23: Community Day 
Be involved. Be united. Be Boulder. 

Thursday, April 24: Academic Day
Be academic. Be revolutionary. Be Boulder.

Friday, April 25: Day Without Hate
Be inclusive. Be loved. Be Boulder.