UMC Glenn Miller Ballroom Renovation

Published: April 14, 2014

Shortly after spring graduation ceremonies on campus, the University Memorial Center's Glenn Miller Ballroom will close to receive a much needed renovation. The ballroom hasn't had a major renovation since it came into operation in 1953. Carlos Garcia, executive director of the UMC, highlights the renovation in the following Q and A.

Q &A

When is the renovation slated to begin?

Construction on the Glenn Miller Ballroom will begin on May 19. The ballroom will then be closed for construction through the fall 2014 semester, and is slated to be completed by Jan. 14, 2015

What does the ballroom renovation entail?

The ballroom and the catering kitchen will receive thorough renovations. The ballroom will be given a complete facelift, this includes the walls, ceiling and stage. The stage will be lowered to 24 inches. The HVAC system will be replaced to make it more efficient. Other improvements include:

  • The room partitions will be replaced - the new ones will be soundproof and will allow all three wings of the ballroom to used simultaneously.
  • Skylights will be added for better daytime lighting.
  • New sound system.
  • Catering kitchen equipment will be replaced allowing for an upgraded menu for catered events.

​What should my group do, we use the ballroom for our event every year?

The UMC will help campus groups find other spaces to host events while the ballroom is closed. For example, some events will fit in UMC room 235. We also have our tent, so some events during nice weather months can be held in the tent. Other events can be moved to the Rec Center, and we are looking for other locations too. Even if we have to find a location off-campus, we will help facilitate that. Then, when we re-open, we hope and expect that people will return.

Why now?

The ballroom hasn't received any substantial renovations for 60 years since it was built. For a lot of our visitors to campus, their main interactions may be a sporting event or an event in the ballroom. So we really represent the face of the university to a lot of people. We want to make sure we are up to par with the calibar of the rest of campus.

Architectural rendering courtesy of the UMC.