Student life: Program Council's Friday Night Film Series

Published: Nov. 12, 2013

Interested in a wide array of films, from blockbusters to documentaries? You might want to check out Program Council's Friday Night Film Series, according to Maddy Fendell, director of the series.

"I try to choose a variety of the big blockbusters and smaller films," Fendell said. "For example, this weekend we are showing 'Fruitvale Station,' which was the winner of best picture at Sundance."

Typically the series features films that have premiered in theaters but have yet to be released on DVD. Program Council, which has been featuring films on campus since the 1960s, also hosts advance screenings of movies that have not been released publicly yet. And the best part is, the movies are free.

"We show all of our films in Chemistry 140 for free, and we have free popcorn," Fendell said.

This semester, Program Council purchased a digital projector, to go with their 35 mm projector.

"This allows us to show films with the same quality as the major theaters, and our screen is bigger than a normal theater," she said. "Now we will be able to have more advanced screenings because studios aren't making as many movies available for 35 mm projectors anymore. We also plan to hold onto the 35 mm projector so we can show older movies."

Fendell, a film studies major, has been running the Friday Night Film Series since January, and really enjoys the opportunity to work in her area of study.

"It's been awesome because the Program Council group as a whole puts on so many different events that I can help out with. I get paid to do a job that directly correlates with my major," she said.

The Friday Night Film Series wraps up for the semester on Dec. 5, with a screening of "Jobs." This weekend's screening of "Fruitvale Station" is on Friday, Nov. 15, at 9 p.m. in Chemistry 140.