Published: Oct. 22, 2013

By the University of Colorado Student Government

We live in an age of acronyms that inundate our day-to-day world with a thick buzzing of white noise, so it is certainly understandable that many students feel overwhelmed with the barrage of CU-official personalities that cover the campus.

Despite the high concentration of CU-logoed "traffic" that we encounter here in Boulder, it actually is worth your time and effort as a student to pay special attention to the University of Colorado Student Government (CUSG).

To begin with, CUSG is your student government, your organized and elected officials, by the students, and for the students. Twice a year candidates from every corner of the political spectrum vie for your vote around campus and online. It truly is imperative that these elections are held every fall and spring to keep your representatives accountable to you and to the best interests of the 25,000 undergraduates and 5,000 graduate students they represent here in Boulder.

What CUSG does affects every student on a daily basis. CUSG’s primary responsibility is managing approximately $20 million in student fees every year and voting on its allocation and implementation throughout “Cost Centers” and various student resources. These include the GLBTQRC, the Rec Center, the Women’s Resource Center, Student Legal Services, the Environmental Center, the Volunteer Resource Center, and the Cultural Events Board just to name a few. CUSG helps student groups get funding through SGFB (which just passed a same year funding bill) for events and programming and engages in student outreach through SORCE.

Additionally, CUSG lobbies on behalf of students for tuition assistance and cost mitigation at the Colorado capitol, speaks at Boulder City Council meetings, fosters a dialogue between the student body and the Chancellor, and makes sure that students have a direct channel to make their thoughts and opinions magnified throughout the administration.

This semester, CUSG has been engaging in a concentrated effort to listen to the student body’s ideas and questions, and working to address concerns. Some highlights of our work:

  • As part of a harm reduction program, CUSG has been on the Hill this past month handing out free food to students to lessen the negative impact of weekend partying on individuals’ bodies.
  • CUSG also spoke out against the implementation of a strict 500-foot rule which could limit alcohol sales on the Hill at a City Council Meeting last Tuesday.
  • CUSG task forces have been assessing the accessibility of bathrooms on campus for ADA compliance and gender inclusivity, as well as fighting to make student group funding easier to navigate.
  • Safety forums have been held on a regular basis to try to identify and address apparent as well as less-visible concerns on the emotional, mental and physical safety of our students.

CUSG really is fighting for the students every day because we love Boulder, the college experience, and most importantly, serving our peers. We are an active force of highly motivated, driven student leaders fighting for your best interests all throughout your college experience. This is not your high school student government. CUSG has the power to affect real change through legislation, task forces and initiatives.

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