Published: Oct. 16, 2013

It’s been more than a month since we endured the historic rains of September 2013 and the campus and local community response to the floods has been nothing short of extraordinary. The efforts of first responders, local citizenry, and CU-Boulder students, faculty and staff have been and continue to be instrumental to our recovery. The outpouring of support through the CU-Boulder Disaster Recovery Fund to date have yielded more than $200,000 and these funds have been immensely helpful to the members of our CU-Boulder family who were directly impacted by the floods. Through our concerted efforts, the road to recovery has been truly remarkable.

Today as one walks across our campus on a sunny fall day, the pace of the fall semester appears to be back to normal and all seems to be in order. Unfortunately, the appearance of normalcy on campus belies the fact that there are students, staff, and faculty who still struggle to recover from the effects of the flood. Members of the CU community are still displaced from their homes and are living in temporary housing. Others are still attending to major repairs to their existing homes. For some, what was once a routine commute to campus is now an arduous and time-consuming journey. Students who lost books and laptops and who were unable to get to campus to attend classes are still in ‘catch up’ mode.

Despite appearances, all is not normal and our recovery from the September flood of 2013 is not complete. While most of us can settle back into the routine of our daily lives on campus, we are asking once again that the CU-Boulder community be mindful that there are those among us who aren’t so fortunate. To faculty, we appreciate the accommodations many of you have made already and we ask that you please continue to be flexible with and attentive to those students who are still struggling to catch up or keep up as a result of the floods. A comprehensive guide to academic accommodations is available on the 2013 Flood website. To supervisors and co-workers, please continue to be accommodating to the needs of your colleagues who are still putting their daily lives back together.

We’ve made remarkable strides in overcoming the effects of the historic weather event of 2013 and for that we have much to be proud of. As our campus community continues on its remarkable path to recovery, we can also be proud of our commitment to making sure that we don’t leave anyone in the CU-Boulder family behind.

Russ Moore, Provost
Paul Chinowsky, Chair of the Boulder Faculty Assembly